Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Get Free Talktime From EmbeePay On Facebook (Working 100% All Over The World)

Hello Friends, On my previous Post I share 100% working tricks to get Special Offers on Your Number From SimCard Provider & Today i found a mind blowing trick just for you!! That will recharge your Mobile phone. Actually it’s 100% legal & working trick all over  the world. It’s a legal activity which will give you Rs.100/- or 2.23$ in two days. YOU CAN RECHARGE ANY OPERATOR/NETWORK NUMBER AS OUR WISH..

To Get Free Talktime From EmbeePay we need following thing: -

  • Facebook Account
  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Computer / Loptop
  • and a few chunks of your brain also.
 Note: - Embee is a facebook application that’s why you need to have a facebook account.

How To Get Free Talktime From EmbeePay On Facebook???

1.   Login with your facebook account.
2.   Then go to this link:- embeemobile & Allow using Embee Mobile Now!. Install the application.

3.   Next, Enter your mobile number, Country & Network Provider. (can't be done on mobile)

4.   Now, Click on validate now & embeemobile send cobe in SMS to your mobile & enter that code to verify your mobile. 

5.   After doing that, you automatically will have a total of  5 -10 embee points.

6.   Click on Redeem Tab and complete offers for points.
7.   Invite friends so you can also have Invite Bonus.



  • I personally do App Install Offers, those that requires only installing a facebook application. Its easy and accomplished on few clicks.
  • I also do Email Submission Offers, those that requires only submitting your email. Just use a dummy email for this if you want to avoid spam.
  • Also dont forget the Register and Play Offers, those that requires you to register and then play the web based game a little bit.
  • Most important becoz I gain most of point from “Invite Friends”.

Note: - Some offers doesnt works, such as the surveys. Forget about it.

Proof of an recharged mobile in india: -

UPDATE on 28/06/2011: -

Form Last two day i got Total Rs.250 Free Recharge(Top up) by using above trick. I know everyone want to see proof. So, See below images: -

  • Airtel Rs. 100 Recharge

  •  Aircel Rs 50 Recharge(Top up)
  •  TATA DOCOMO Rs 100 Recharge(Top up)
Try this trick on your number and Please leave a comment about the result below in the comments section of this article.


I m unable to do recharge, because they are saying firstly to Purchase Premier Upgrade and for that they need 250 points, and i have only 150 points..
What should i do??
Help me plzz.......

dont need to buy Premier Upgrade & u have to noly complete free offers.

When u recharge ur mobile 2 times den u auto upgrade to Premier.

but how to recharge, i have 153 points, but still it is not recharging, it is saying firstly to buy Premier upgrade, i think it is fake..

to recharge u have to earn 300 point.

So, To earn more point ple complete more free offer......

ok, i'll try to complete the offers
Actually they r very boring, and we have to sign up in all
thats also a reason..

i got 2 top-ups .... but i did not upgrated to premier membership... plzz tell me why..??

lol noobs, i've done 16000 recharge till now =))

follw the link to get 600 points instantly...worked in my country .. check for urz..

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